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Today, even basic malware campaigns are automated—enabling cybercriminals with few resources to launch sophisticated attacks against organizations of all sizes. 

In a post-perimeter world, organizations must rely on endpoint detection and response (EDR) to provide the first line of defense against a cyberattack. Yet, existing solutions require advanced expertise and time
to use effectively.

Malwarebytes removes these barriers with a modern EDR that is built for speed for organizations of all sizes that value simplicity and efficiency.

In addition to preventing attacks, Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response makes it easy to quickly investigate, isolate, remediate, and recover from threats—all in a matter of minutes. The solution’s “one-and-done” remediation thoroughly and permanently removes infections in a single operation.

Explore the advantages

  • Agent architected for performance 

  • Comprehensive web protection

  • Hardened devices and apps

  • Behavioral-based blocking

  • Zero-day prevention

  • Integrated endpoint protection

  • Suspicious activity monitoring

  • Cloud sandbox

  • Granular attack isolation

  • Thorough remediation

  • Ransomware rollback