Friends and business

We all have friends but we don’t all have a business! In many cases those who have a business either have a special talent that turned into a career or actually went to school to get the knowledge they needed. One way or another, neither are free nor should be given out for free no matter how long you know someone. Let’s say a friend of yours invest millions in opening their exotic cars dealership, do you actually expect them to hand you over the keys to one of their cars because you grew up together? Of course not! More than likely your friend will think you’ve lost your mind and the same applies to a service. I am asked many times for no reason at all to provide for a service for free and because I am the owner I can do this. I don’t mind helping those in need but I do mind those taking advantage and this will either affect the business or friendship. Best thing to do is set a rule where everyone gets charged the same across the board. You can help them make payment arrangements or barter but in the end make sure it’s the price you’ve set for everyone. People need to consider everything it takes to have a business and expenses that you may or may not see on your end. There’s a website which isn’t free, that email or text you got confirming appointment and invoice once completed isn’t free either. How about the vehicle used to get to your home or business? That’s gas, wear and tear on the vehicle, all of which has a payment behind it. How about the knowledge to learn the things that you couldn’t do yourself? That’s a student loan if it hasn’t been paid for and is adding interest. So next time a friend asks for free service and they’re not considering everything you went through and might be going through because of their selfish needs, consider if they’re really a friend. Keep friendship and business separate!

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